Music: “Say Something” by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera
Gabrielle Ann Henry:
Dennis Friebe:
Director of Photography: Franklin Whitlatch:
Director: Marcelo Ribeiro Carvalho:
Durand St. Hilaire:
Cory Keith:
Pre Production:
When I first heard this song, I had a quick idea of what the music video for the song should be like. I imagined a one-take shot of a couple breaking up. I felt the song and it’s different beats would work wonderfully with it. I decided that this music video would be a great camera and lighting test. We used the Red Helium 8K with the MOVI and tried different lighting set ups for all the rooms.
The production was slated for a single night. We had two great actors, Gabbie Rapeneau and Dennis Friebe, who came and helped us out. The lighting was pre lit that day in the morning. Below was the lighting breakdown.

We made some adjustments to the lighting set up once it got dark. We rehearsed with the actors and music playing about seven times to get the rhythm with the camera and hitting beats. We had the first AC call out different movements of the music to the actors helping them with their cue. We shot it 8 times and had a blast. It was a great crew and cast that made it possible.
Post Production:
The edit of the short was easy, the color correction, super hard. Coloring four different rooms was a difficult thing. Also, we had to create proxies due to the 8K file size. We converted it to 4K Proxy H.264 which was easier to cut and make adjustments to it. For the color correction, we downsized the 8K for 4K Apple Pro Res HQ for DaVinci Resolve.
It was a great production and great people. This test helped us realize the possibility of creating a great looking product in a small set of time. Can’t wait for the next one!