Blue Curtain


Officer John Douglas is no stranger to pressure; he has been on the force for ten years and could face just about every problem brought before him. One slow night, he gets an in progress call of kids attempting to break into a car. As he approaches, the burglars scatter and Officer Douglas makes a quick decision to chase the ring leader down. As they both run into the back yard of a neighboring house, Officer Douglas notices a gun in the criminal’s back waistband.

Armed with only his experience and his issued semi-automatic pistol, Officer Douglas makes his way into the backyard. He realizes that any mistake could be a fatal one. His heart races and his mind is set on catching the crook. Officer Douglas has the boy between his sights, the challenge has been made – but the boy isn’t listening; he is reaching for something behind him.

When you have a split second to choose between your life or his, what will you do? When it is your responsibility to take action but also your duty to protect, what will you decide? And when it is all over, and you have to live with choice you made, will you stand with Us or with Them?

Running Time: 16 MIN & 50 SECS
Genre: Drama
Format: 4096X1716, 23.976, Stereo
Language: English